About Me

My name is Riley and I’m a first-year student at Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech. I’m from Exeter, New Hampshire and am planning on majoring in chemical engineering, which I’m a little nervous about because it’s going to be REALLY hard, but that’s alright. I’m currently taking English 1101, which was required, and I’m surprisingly enjoying the class. I typically am not a fan of English classes – I’ve always been much better at math and science than I have been at English. But, I think that this blog is going to help my written communication and it’s going to change my view on English classes.


The main reason I started this blog was for my¬†English class; it’s a mandatory blog on Science in Public and how people¬†communicate scientific findings with the public. Going to a tech school, this might be one of the most important classes I will take. Science doesn’t mean much if there’s no way to clearly present findings to others. This blog forces me to work on my written communication and to talk about purpose. I’m hoping that, from this blog and this class, I will be able write more efficiently and with more purpose.